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High Cholesterol

It is very likely that a wellness, weight-loss or detoxification program will help you to reduce your cholesterol levels and enhance your health and vitality. So call Christine at Restore Nutrition to discuss a program to suit you or book online.


Elevated cholesterol levels have long been associated with the development of atherosclerosis – a build up of plaque in the blood vessels. Atherosclerotic plaque damages the blood vessels to the heart and is instrumental in the development of heart disease and stroke. Disease of the cardiovascular system causes approximately two thirds of all deaths in the western world. Lifestyle has been implicated as a major contributing factor to the progression of cardiovascular disease. It is recommended that total cholesterol levels are <5.5mmol/L.

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Weight reduction, where appropriate, is essential. The ‘Shake it’ Weight Management Program is a safe fat loss program that burns fat quickly, helps to lower blood triglycerides.
  • Maintaining dietary fibre is an important part of dietary management of high cholesterol.
  • Soy protein is helpful as it reduces total cholesterol when combined with a low-fat diet.
  • Dietary intake of foods high in antioxidants is important as an inverse association has been found between dietary antioxidants and risk of CVD.
  • Include Omega-3 fatty acids from cold-water fish.
  • Reduce saturated fat and trans fats found in unhealthy refined foods. (eg. biscuits and cakes)
  • The Mediterranean Diet has been found to be beneficial in managing high cholesterol levels. This is comprised of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil and garlic.
  • Lifestyle modifications that are beneficial include increased physical activity, stress reduction and smoking cessation.