Nutritional consultations are available from the 9th January 2017! Please call Christine on 0411075419

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Infrared saunas are available from 9th January 2017 in Ashgrove and can be booked online or by calling Christine on 0411075419

Please see the benefits of infrared sauna below.

One 30 min session in the Detox Box provides the following benefits

• Detoxification of the body can optimize the efficiency of the immune system.
Toxins in the body can accumulate in the skin and the liver and sweating is one of the body’s natural ways to remove toxins…. As a result, detox helps avoid disease, prevent illness and improve general health and vitality.

• Purifying the skin and cleansing the pores thus ridding accumulated dirt, cosmetics, blackheads and dry skin cells.

• Weight loss benefit can be seen with FIS. Studies show that just 30 minutes can burn 600 calories!

• Cardiac improvement can be seen, improved circulation benefits individuals with high blood pressure, sciatica and varicose veins.

• Relaxation, better sleep and an overall feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated.

• Pain Relief by deeply penetrating joints, muscle and tissues, which increase circulation and speeds oxygen flow.
Physicians recommend Far Infrared Sauna to athletes for sports injuries, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain syndromes.

Please bring plenty of water and a towel to your appointment.
Payment is cash only